Behind the Scenes of an Agency With No Employees

 facebooktwitterlinkedinIt's no secret that Brooks Digital works a bit differently from other agencies. How so? We use contractors in our staffing model instead of full-time employees (FTEs). At the time of writing, we have a team of 11 contractors—developers, visual...

The “Tell Me What You Want” Conundrum

 facebooktwitterlinkedinHave you ever hired someone to work on a website project and had them ask, “okay, so tell me what you want?” Isn't that a difficult question to answer? That's because when you hire someone to build you a website, you often don't know exactly...

Are Your Supporters Confused by Your Website?

 facebooktwitterlinkedinOne advantage of working with nonprofits over the years is you start to see problems that are repeated across organizations. For example, I bet you’ve wondered more than once if your website is confusing or turning away visitors because they...

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