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What To Do When Your Web Developer Is Unresponsive

Sometimes web developers or shops are unresponsive either in the middle of a big project or when you urgently need them to make a change or an update (not all developers, of course—ahem).

And, again, unfortunately, nonprofits are often especially vulnerable in these situations.

Your organization may not have any internal staff that understands technology. They may not even have the keys to their own website because they trusted a contractor to build and maintain it for them.

So, if that contractor goes dark, it can feel very, very scary.

In these situations, there are two big questions:

  1. What do I do right now to not feel so helpless?

  2. How do I stop this from happening ever, ever again?

The answers to both of these questions will ultimately depend on the exact scenario that you’re experiencing.

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The Nonprofit Website Redesign Is Dead

It’s time to embrace a modern and iterative process known as Growth-Driven Design (GDD).

With the GDD approach, the monolithic process of the website redesign is broken down into discrete increments. It's built on an agile/lean methodology where the entire website is treated as an evolving business asset, rather than a static thing.

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Setting Website Goals When You're Stumped

The problem is that many nonprofits don’t take the time to identify these goals or bake them into the strategy of developing and updating their website.

Rather than identifying key, strategic objectives for the site, they end up with goals like, “make it look pretty,” or, “make sure people can donate.”

These are features—not goals. Big difference.

But don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for this trap before. It’s remarkably common. And coming up with actual goals for your website can be a bit difficult to do in a vacuum. How are you supposed to know what constitutes a good goal and what’s a ludicrous pipe dream?

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Getting Unstuck: 6 Keys to Avoid Website Project Hell

People are at the heart of every technology project. And ultimately, the mindsets and attitudes of the people involved in a technology project determine whether it succeeds with flying colors, or descends into the hellzone.

Let’s discuss some of the ways that your organization can shift their thinking and their approach to website projects in order to maximize its chances of success.

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My 5 Worst Productivity Mistakes

A few years ago I was in a serious battle with overwhelm at work.

I was constantly feeling stressed about all the different projects that needed to be moved forward. While my inbox tugged me in five different directions, I had this ever-present feeling of guilt about the things I knew I really should be doing, but kept putting off.

So I set out to find the root of the problem and learn how to get more of the right things done without my responsibilities having an iron grip over my mind 24/7.

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