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Helping nonprofits increase the impact of their websites.

We guide you through an evidence-based framework you can use to increase donations, volunteers, and members online.



Big website projects are risky for nonprofits

If you’re like many nonprofit professionals, you want a website that serves your organization well, doesn’t get in your way, and inspires you to do more life-changing work. The problem is, your Drupal website has become outdated, buggy, and slows you down—but overhauling it isn't going to happen soon unless the grant fairy magically appears.

And let’s face it: even if you had the funding right now, the traditional website redesign project is a slow, painful, and expensive process. Not only do you have to plan for months (or years) ahead of time, the project often runs over budget and past its deadline.

As a nonprofit, making a large, up-front investment in a new website deters potential donors who evaluate you on your spending. It’s a high-risk move that hamstrings your fundraising ability and is so exhausting you’re happy to throw your hands up in relief when it’s done…until a few years go by and you’re back in the same place again.

We believe there’s a better way

Brooks Digital helps nonprofits leverage the Drupal website they already have to make a greater impact. Rather than throwing out everything and starting again from scratch, we help you create an informed website strategy, implement a number of smart, high-impact changes to get your website back on track, and then continuously, incrementally improve it to execute on your strategy and bring your Drupal site into its full potential. It's all the benefit of a redesign, but executed in a smarter, safer way.


It has been an amazing experience working with Spencer and the Brooks Digital team. Their depth and breadth of knowledge on web development has proven incredibly valuable for our diverse IT needs. They are always thinking one step ahead on our projects, consider all of the details involved, and are always ready with a solution-oriented mindset and positive attitude. In addition, Spencer is a great communicator when it comes to explaining complex concepts to individuals who have very little IT experience and we often feel comfortable having him speak directly with our clients.
— Melissa An, CTO, Close Concerns


How We Help You

Each service below is part of a sequential process we use to transform your Drupal website.


Website Strategy

This initial engagement helps you understand the role your website plays in the mission of your organization. We help you define goals, metrics, personas, and user journeys, then conduct a Drupal website audit to determine where your existing site can be improved. This stage underpins all the work we do together and informs our future efforts as we recommend and make improvements to your site.

Website Refreshes

With your digital strategy in hand, we help you identify the most impactful improvements you can make to your existing Drupal website in just 6 weeks. This can include changes to your site's architecture, design, mobile layout, or engagement strategies. We then help you bring these changes to life so you can benefit from them immediately—instead of waiting 4-6 months for a typical redesign project.

Drupal Support

Once your refreshed site is launched, we work with you on a monthly basis to measure and improve your Drupal site's strategy, design, and technical architecture to ensure it performs well, adapts to your organization's changing needs, and develops into a tool that inspires and energizes you to do more life-changing work.



Ready to transform your Drupal site?

We work with a select number of nonprofits to transform their Drupal sites into high-impact assets that support their cause. Get in touch below and we'll talk about about how we can help you do the same.