Nonprofit Website Design & Development

At Brooks Digital, we specialize in websites for nonprofits, especially those in the health sector. Our team takes care of everything in the website journey, from understanding your users, creating a seamless user experience, crafting beautiful designs, and bringing them to life using platforms like WordPress and Drupal.

We’ve got a knack for solving common nonprofit website headaches – things like tangled navigation, tricky editing tools, outdated designs, and making sure everyone (even people with disabilities) can use your site. Our clients usually turn to us for a fresh new website or to keep their current one looking sharp and working smoothly.


Problems We Solve

  • “Our website’s like a maze – nobody can find anything.”
    Many nonprofits reach out to us because their website feels like a jumbled mess—more like an org chart than a helpful resource. This often leads to their staff answering phone calls and emails that could’ve been avoided if info was easy to find online. It’s a real time-waster that eats into capacity and prevents them from focusing on more valuable work. 

  • “We dread making changes to our website; it’s about as flexible as a rock.”
    Clients often tell us they feel like they’re wrestling with their website’s editing tools, making it a real chore to add new pages or sections. As a result, their website grows outdated, failing to keep pace with the evolving story of their organization. This happens because previous web projects forgot to take into account how tech-savvy the editors are, what they really need to edit smoothly, and skipped the user-friendly training and documentation for staff. 

  • “I’m concerned our site isn’t accessible. I’m afraid people might start complaining, or worse, taking us to court.”
    Accessibility is moving up the to-do list for nonprofits, especially those dedicated to serving people with disabilities or impairments. But here’s the thing: many nonprofits haven’t quite cracked the code on digital accessibility yet. That’s where we come in. We’ll guide you in meeting those WCAG and ADA compliance guidelines for your website, and we’ll also train your staff to keep things accessible for the long haul. 

  • “Our site is behind the times, and we’re ready to step up and stand out in our issue space.”
    Loads of agencies opt for an off-the-rack WordPress theme and slap on a client’s logo and colors. It’s a budget-friendly move, but it’s also the reason many nonprofit sites seem like long-lost twins. To truly shine in your field, what you need is a custom design crafted just for you, grounded in thorough research, competitive analysis, and solid UX strategy. 

  • “We have a small marketing department and need some extra hands to take care of the website.”
    Most nonprofits don’t have their own web wizards in-house. They’re in search of a reliable partner to handle the nitty-gritty of website support, maintenance, and upgrades, without needing to hold their hands every step of the way. We’re like your trusty sidekick – seamlessly joining your team and ready to ramp up when needed, all without the hefty price tag of hiring a full-blown in-house web squad.

“Choosing Brooks Digital for our website project was a super decision for our Y. They clearly had the technical strength, creativity, and flexibility to deliver on a new website but those qualifications were enhanced with thorough, thoughtful communication both in meeting and print format.”

Kembe Adam, VP, Organizational Culture
YMCA of Columbia-Willamette

The Brooks Digital Process

At Brooks Digital, we’re all about making websites as unique as you are, so we create tailor-made solutions for each nonprofit we work with. Think of it like building with LEGO bricks – we’ve got a diverse foundation of services, but we’ll add the pieces that fit your project perfectly.

Research & Strategy

Kickstarting a website project with research and strategy is like laying the foundation for a sturdy house. It helps you understand your audience, set clear goals, and uncover hidden opportunities, ultimately creating a user-friendly, cost-effective website that avoids costly mistakes. It’s like the secret sauce for a successful online presence.

Our services in this phase can include:

  • Goal & KPI mapping
  • User interviews & surveys
  • User personas
  • Journey mapping workshops
  • Competitive analysis

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the GPS for your website, guiding visitors to what they need quickly and effortlessly. It’s like organizing your closet so you can find that favorite shirt in a flash. Proper information architecture ensures your website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and helps your content shine, making it a go-to resource for your audience.

Our services in this phase can include:

  • Sitemapping
  • Card sorting & tree testing
  • Categorization & taxonomy planning
  • Content outlines
  • Workflow diagrams

UX & Web Design

In a website project, UX and design are like the interior decorators and architects working together to make your digital space fabulous. Our UX experts ensure it’s easy to use and navigate, like a well-arranged home, while our designers make it visually appealing and engaging, like painting the walls and selecting the furniture. These two teams collaborate to create a website that’s not just functional but also a delight to explore.

Our services in this phase can include:

  • User flows
  • User testing
  • Design systems & components
  • Wireframes
  • Design comps

WordPress & Drupal Development

Our WordPress and Drupal development teams are the tech-savvy pals you want on your side. They’re experts in these platforms, and they know just how to tailor them for cause-driven organizations like yours. Whether it’s whipping up a snazzy campaign site, managing big migrations, or crafting complex headless setups, they always keep your staff in mind for a smooth editing experience.

Our services in this phase can include:

  • Drupal or WordPress CMS setup
  • Custom module/plugin development
  • Integrations with outside APIs and systems
  • WCAG and ADA accessibility compliance
  • Mobile-friendly development
  • SEO & performance optimization

Content Strategy & Training

Our content strategy and training services help tackle the common content delays that often trip up nonprofit website projects. We help you tidy up your content with inventories and audits, craft fresh copy, assist with content migration, and provide website training and documentation, ensuring a smoother journey for your project.

Our services in this phase can include:

  • Content inventories and audits
  • Copywriting
  • Manual or automated content migration
  • Website training and documentation

Support & Ongoing Improvements

We understand that your team’s hands are full, and handling website support on your own is no small feat. We’re here to simplify things and communicate in plain English, no tech jargon included. Think of us as your trusty in-house web department, ready to tackle the technical stuff and free up your time for what you do best.

Our services in this phase can include:

  • Security, module, and plugin updates
  • Hosting setup and configuration
  • Emergency support for downtimes
  • Bug fixes and site improvements
  • Performance and accessibility optimization
  • New features and site additions

YMCA of Columbia-Willamette Website

Time in Range Coalition Website

Who We Are

Since 2015, Brooks Digital has been on a mission to assist nonprofits, big and small, in creating websites that truly champion their cause. Based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, we’re a small but supercharged team of 8-10 tech-savvy folks scattered across the globe. Together, we work our magic to craft top-notch nonprofit websites that truly stand out.

Brooks Digital was founded by Spencer Brooks, a technologist who started his career as a Drupal developer doing freelance work for cause-based organizations. He hosts the Health Nonprofit Digital Marketing podcast and has been featured in prominent publications such as the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

“Brooks Digital exceeded all expectations with this project. The team was flexible, talented, always ready to listen, and guided us through the process with ease. Every team member was present and helpful—from design to project management to development. They kept us in the loop and aware of their progress, resulting in an efficient and smooth partnership. Their passion for the project and collaborative approach with our team helped the site reach its full potential. It was such a privilege to see our dream come to life with the help of Brooks Digital!”

Audree Hall, Digital Campaign Manager
Time in Range Coalition


Every case study you find on our site is a result of the services we’ve mentioned earlier. Our projects usually fit into one of two price brackets:

Website design projects:

This typically involves creating a new site or redesigning an existing one. A smaller project (such as a campaign site) typically starts at $50,000 and pricing can extend upwards to $200,000 for large, technically challenging projects.

Support and ongoing improvements: 

This typically involves inheriting a site built by another company, or transferring a website we built into a post-launch support phase. Support pricing starts at $1,500/month and ranges upward depending on how much ongoing work is required. Most clients budget between $3,000 – $5,000/mo.

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