Exploring Online Communities in Health: Insights from the Colorectal Cancer Alliance

You know the importance of online communities for patients on their healthcare journey. But how do you create a thriving community in the digital space? In this episode, Spencer Brooks and Amy Ganderson delve into the topic of online communities in the health space, with a focus on the work done by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. 

Amy shares her insights on the different types of online communities they have developed and the importance of tailoring them to the needs of the community. The discussion also covers the critical role of providing trusted information and resources, as well as guidelines and transparency in community moderation. 

Join in to learn more about how online communities can support patients on their healthcare journey.

About the guest

Amy Ganderson is the Senior Director of Digital Strategy at the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. She is a professional marketing leader experienced in various digital marketing channels and functions. Amy has specialized in non-profit digital marketing and strategy for over 13 years, driving awareness and action for important causes. 

Prior to joining the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, she served in digital leadership roles at March of Dimes, United Way Worldwide, and The Nature Conservancy. Amy received her MBA from George Washington University and a B.S. from Cornell University. Amy currently resides with her husband and twins in Arlington, Virginia.


Contact Amy

  • Web: ccalliance.org
  • Twitter: @amyganderson
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amyganderson/  

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