Navigating Collaborative Success: Marketing and Communications for Nonprofit Partnerships

In this episode of Health Nonprofit Digital Marketing, we are joined by Eugene Patron from the Fund for Public Health in New York City. Together, we delve into the world of nonprofit partnerships and the intricacies of marketing and communications within these collaborations. 

Join us as Eugene shares his wealth of experience and insights, guiding us through the strategies, challenges, and advantages of working with funders, peer organizations, and government entities to amplify your nonprofit’s mission. 

Discover how to develop cohesive messaging, establish shared timelines, and harness the power of collaborative marketing to reach broader audiences and drive meaningful change. Plus, we’ll discuss the potential pitfalls and benefits of partnership MarCom, and why thoughtful planning is the key to maximizing shared benefits. 

Don’t miss this insightful discussion with Eugene Patron on building successful nonprofit partnerships through effective marketing and communications.

About the guest

Eugene Patron is Director of Marketing and Communications at the Fund for Public Health NYC, a public-private partnership that supports the work of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. His communications and marketing experience includes NYC and national nonprofits, as well as work as a journalist, web producer, and editor. He has an MS in Urban Affairs and an advanced certificate in Leading Change in Healthcare Systems.


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