Driving Change: Howard Pearl of CARS on Transformative Partnerships and Nonprofit Innovations

In this episode, Spencer Brooks interviews Howard Pearl, the CEO of Charitable Adult Rides and Services (CARS), a nonprofit organization that runs car donation and real estate donation programs. Howard shares insights into the unique approach CARS takes to building partnerships with nonprofits and the impact of these partnerships. He also discusses the benefits of vehicle and real estate donation programs for nonprofits and the types of nonprofits that can benefit from them. Additionally, Howard introduces the On The Go program, which provides transportation services for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Finally, he offers advice on navigating board relationships and securing funding for strategic initiatives. Discover how Howard’s leadership has transformed CARS, helping them raise over $60 million a year for nonprofits and working with over 8,000 charities.

About the guest

Howard Pearl is the Chief Executive Officer of Charitable Adult Rides & Services (CARS). He is an accomplished business leader with over 35 years of c-suite experience and is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He has provided services to organizations, including Johnson & Johnson, the Ford Motor Company, and Revlon. Since joining CARS in 2015, Howard has transformed the company culture around gratitude and has led a 500% increase in top-line revenue. Additionally, Howard is leading the charge to expand CARS’ On the Go transportation program nationally to support older adults across the country through transportation solutions and meal delivery services. 


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