Equity-Centered Ethical Storytelling with Beth Eisen of Playworks

In this episode of Health Nonprofit Digital Marketing, we round out our third episode in a series of conversations around ethical storytelling and its profound impact on digital marketing for health-related nonprofits. Our guest, Beth Eisen of Playworks, a passionate advocate for storytelling with an equity lens, shares insights into how compelling narratives can change hearts, minds, and behaviors. Join us as we explore the power of authentic storytelling and how it can be leveraged to support health causes without exploiting individuals or communities. We’ll discuss the intersection of development and marketing, the complexities of celebrity relationships with nonprofits, and the importance of building a strong team.

About the guest

Beth Eisen is a seasoned marketing and communications professional who has successfully raised awareness, engagement, and revenue for many organizations. She is currently the Head of Marketing and Communications at Playworks. Beth has over a decade of nonprofit experience and has also worked at a PR agency, for foreign governments and in the technology sector; she graduated Magna Cume Laude from Rutgers University. She’s passionate about equity, sports, traveling, and animals. If you find her on a Playworks playground, she’ll usually be playing kickball, foursquare, or soccer.


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