Engaging, Converting, and Measuring Your Website User Experience

In this episode of Health Nonprofit Digital Marketing, Spencer returns after a year-long hiatus to provide a wrap-up of season 2 and announce plans for future seasons of the podcast.

This episode is all about engaging, converting, and measuring user experience on your website. Spencer emphasizes the goal of turning casual website visitors into engaged supporters and highlights the importance of guiding patients through the stages of awareness, interest, and action. To achieve this, your website should provide a seamless user experience, keeping visitors engaged and encouraging exploration.

The episode covers how to engage visitors emotionally through storytelling and community involvement. Once users are engaged, their contact information can be used to nurture them as potential supporters. 

Measuring and optimizing the website’s performance is crucial, and Spencer outlines key metrics to track, such as search traffic, time on site, bounce rate, and conversion rate. He outlines the need for continuous improvement and the importance of incorporating measurement as a habit and behavior.

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