Empowering Change: Digital Advocacy Strategies in Health Nonprofits

Join us in this illuminating episode of the Health Nonprofit Digital Marketing podcast as we explore the dynamic world of digital advocacy within the health sector. In a candid discussion with our host Spencer Brooks and guests Callie Riley & Megan Kovacs of Compassion & Choices, we delve deep into the impactful campaign that safeguarded medical aid and dying in Montana. 

Discover how strategic digital communications, data-driven targeting, and compelling narratives converged to create a powerful movement that secured essential rights. We’ll outline the importance of third-party validators, the art of message testing, and the pivotal role of segmentation in driving successful advocacy efforts. Join us for a comprehensive exploration of how nonprofits can harness the digital realm to amplify their advocacy initiatives and foster meaningful change.

About the guests

Callie Riley is the NW Regional Advocacy Manager for Compassion & Choices, and coordinates legislative advocacy and community education work in 9 states in the Pacific NW. She is a longtime community & union organizer in Oregon and Washington, and has worked on issues related to housing affordability, gentrification & displacement, public transit, health equity, land use, and police abolition. She also specializes in preventing burnout among organizers and building resilient organizations. Outside of work, she spends her time organizing mutual aid and community care projects for other queer and trans people, reading saccharine romance novels, listening to black metal and hyperpop, and doting on her adorable cat, Iz. She is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Megan Kovacs is the Digital Advocacy Manager (West) for Compassion & Choices, she leads all digital communications strategy for the Western United States, manages integrated communications plans for state-specific advocacy efforts, overarching regional plans and advertising budget and directs all digital advertising for acquisition, education and awareness. Megan has spent over 15 years working in local, regional, and national non-profits and on political and electoral campaigns to promote social, racial, and economic justice, sexual and reproductive health, bodily autonomy, and gender equity. She is the recipient of the 2015 Judge Stephen B. Herrell Award for Outstanding Collaborative Efforts to End Family Violence. She formerly served on the Board of Directors for Bitch Media, and currently works to provide abortion access in the Pacific Northwest as a board member for the Northwest Abortion Access Fund (nwaafund.org) and co-chair of the Oregon Reproductive Health Equity Fund.

Contact Callie & Megan

  • Web: compassionandchoices.org
  • Twitter: @CompAndChoices
  • Facebook: facebook.com/CompassionAndChoices
  • Instagram: instagram.com/compassionandchoices/
  • LinkedIn (Megan): linkedin.com/in/megankovacs/
  • Email:
    • mkovacs@compassionandchoices.org
    • criley@compassionadnchoices.org

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