Advancing Health Equity: A Marketing Approach with Nikki Hopewell of Susan G. Komen

Join us in this insightful episode of the Health Nonprofit Digital Marketing podcast as we explore the intricacies of health equity and how to advance it, specifically from a marketing perspective. Our guest, Nikki Hopewell, Director of Multicultural Marketing at Susan G. Komen, shares her experiences and strategies in overcoming barriers, fostering trust, and promoting inclusivity. Learn how inclusive language, storytelling, and authentic representation can lead to meaningful change. Discover practical takeaways to implement in your organization and make a difference in the realm of health equity.

About the guest

Nikki Hopewell (she/her) is the director of multicultural marketing for Susan G. Komen. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Nikki has spent more than two decades developing marketing strategies and crafting content in digital marketing and health care marketing and is a passionate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging advocate. She’s also a former OpEd Project fellow penning national pieces on racial equity in health care and bias in sports. Nikki is committed to creating connections through storytelling, bringing marginalized folks into the mainstream and championing health equity for all. 


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