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Nonprofit Website Refreshes

Like a redesign, but better.

A website refresh consists of a select number of high-impact changes that can be made to your website in a matter of weeks.



Website Refreshes

We'll admit it—sometimes you just need to start over from scratch. But in many cases, starting from scratch is the default option presented to nonprofits when there are actually more (and often better) options out there. We believe the website refresh is a compelling option for many nonprofits who already own a Drupal website.

If you have a Drupal website, you understand the power and potential it provides your organization. But that power and potential is often locked away behind poor technical architecture, lackluster design, and a laundry list of bugs, security updates, and badly-implemented features that have turned your thoroughbred racehorse into a pack mule.

Get all you can out of what you've got

A website refresh is designed to put your existing Drupal site back on the path of digital impact by addressing the nagging problems slowing you down, while adding a number of high-impact changes identified during a digital strategy engagement. A website refresh can include any of the following changes:

  • Improvements to your technical architecture, website performance, and administrative experience
  • Updates or modernization to your website design
  • Addition of (or improvements to) a mobile responsive website
  • Restructure of your website content, hierarchy, and navigation
  • ...and many, many, more options (we're just scratching the surface here)

The most important point is that all this is done to your existing Drupal website in just a few weeks. By investing in your current site, you can ensure it serves your organization well for years to come.

Reduce your risk with a smarter approach

Because a website refresh is, by nature, designed to be short, it has significantly less scope (and cost) than a typical 6-month redesign project. This reduces the risk of the project because a larger redesign makes a lot of assumptions about what approaches will work, and it takes much longer to launch and start working for your organization. We prefer to make less assumptions up front and launch the site quickly to begin using your data to learn what's working (and what isn't).

That being said, a website refresh is just a launchpad—the second of three steps in your project. Using what we've learned in our website strategy sessions, coupled with the data from your refreshed website, our ongoing Drupal support implements improvements designed to make your website more effective, easier to use, and a tool you love using again.



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