What We Do

Brooks Digital is a digital agency that helps nonprofits create online experiences that improve people’s health and well-being.

Cancer. Chronic illness. Mental health. Rare disease. Health issues like these are complicated and the landscape changes quickly. And in today’s attention economy, a nonprofit has to fight tooth and nail to get attention and engagement online.

If digital channels are vital to your mission of improving people’s health, traditional nonprofit marketing methods aren’t going to cut it. To lead your space, you must operate like a tech startup or digital media company when it comes to digital marketing.

How We Help

Our services are designed to give your nonprofit the strategy, technology, and habits to transform your digital presence from lost in the crowd to commanding the attention and engagement of your stakeholders.

This transformation does not come easily. Our team of experts will guide you as you radically rethink traditional aspects of nonprofit marketing and technology to help you emerge as a category leader.

How It Works

In our first month together, we’re scoring the components of your existing website and digital portfolio and developing a strategic roadmap to transform your digital presence.

In months 2-4, we’re working together to fill gaps in foundational areas such as your audience knowledge, information architecture, user experience, or tech infrastructure.

In months 5-12, we’re helping your organization execute its digital roadmap and adopt agile methodologies used by the leading tech startups and digital media companies.

By the end of our first year together, you will have a revitalized digital presence, command a clear roadmap for your digital future, and have the systems and habits to operate in quick feedback cycles.

Most nonprofits choose to continue working with us after the first year to continue to steer and implement their digital roadmap, and we customize our services based on where they’re seeing the most value.

Components Of Our Work

You can learn more about the components of our services below.

Digital Scorecard

Our proprietary measurement system for determining the maturity of your nonprofit’s digital presence—and how to improve it.

UX Research & Content Strategy

We do the research to give you a fact-based view of your audience’s needs and pain points. Using this as the backbone of our work together, we provide guidance to help you structure your site around what matters most to your visitors.

Web Design & Development

Our team of open-source experts will use their design and development skills to build you a new platform—or optimize your existing one. This involves a range of possible services such as third-party integrations, multi-lingual support, accessibility, and mobile optimization.

Support & Training

We provide your staff training on how to use your new platform, as well as the support to keep it secure, online, and operational.

“I have three bids from different firms that are apples and oranges. Your approach makes complete sense to me and eliminates the risk of heavy, untested investment.”

– Janice Boyle, Director of Development, Options Community Services

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