Evidence-based websites for nonprofits

What We Do

Helping nonprofits use data to increase the impact of their online presence.

We guide you through an evidence-based framework you can use to increase donations, volunteers, and members online.



Data-Driven Strategy

We help you understand the role your website plays in the mission of your organization and create a strategy to help you achieve your goals. We do this by helping you:

  • Define your high-level vision and goals for your website
  • Choose a small number of highly actionable website KPIs to focus on
  • Develop user personas
  • Create user journey maps
  • Develop a website wishlist

This stage underpins all the work we do together and informs our future efforts as we recommend and make improvements to your site. We also offer an analytics roadmap for organizations looking to begin developing a more basic data-driven strategy.

Website Refresh/Relaunch

With your digital strategy in hand, we help you identify the most impactful improvements you can make in just 6-8 weeks. We prefer to work on an iterative basis and get your website refresh or relaunched quickly so the evidence can begin guiding us. We do this by:

  • Choosing a limited number of high-impact features to launch your site with
  • Defining your site's information architecture
  • Developing a beautiful, mobile responsive design
  • Building your website in Drupal or Wordpress according to industry best practices
  • Providing you training and support as you begin using your new website


Continuous Improvement

Once your refreshed site is launched, we work with you on a monthly basis to measure and improve your site's strategy, design, and technical architecture. Every two weeks, we iteratively improve your site by:

  • Creating a plan for what high-impact items we'll work on next to move you closer to your goals
  • Building and launching those website features
  • Measuring the impact they had on your KPIs
  • Documenting and transferring our learnings to the next iteration

By working iteratively, we avoid the risky "all or nothing" approach that accompanies big, up-front website projects that only get touched every 3-5 years.



Ready to transform your digital presence?

We work with a select number of nonprofits to transform their websites into high-impact assets that support their cause. Get in touch below and we'll talk about about how we can help you do the same.