Digital Platform Implementation

Based on decisions and recommendations in the research and strategy phase, we make improvements to your existing technology or recommend a redesign or platform update if needed. Our work in this phase typically falls into three categories:


    Our user experience and content strategy work produces design recommendations that are brought to life in the form of mood boards, wireframes, and mobile-responsive designs.

    If we feel your organization could benefit from a formal design system such as atomic/component-based design, we will work with you to create a UI component library and implement it on your website.


    Brooks Digital is a long-time member of the open-source community and finds either Drupal or WordPress to be a good fit for most nonprofit health organizations. However, we are open to working on another platform if you have a particular constraint or preference, provided it allows us the freedom to implement the changes needed.

    Beyond digital platform implementations, website development services may include things such as:

    1. Third-party integrations
    2. Multi-lingual support
    3. Accessibility
    4. Data/analytics implementation
    5. Security hardening


    If needed, Brooks Digital will assist you in selecting, configuring, integrating, and optimizing your email marketing systems to increase subscriber engagement. This includes:

    1. Updating your email templates
    2. Improving the segmentation of your list(s)
    3. Using marketing automation to develop intelligent email sequences and triggers
    4. Performing spam testing and increasing email deliverability


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