Patient-Focused User Experience & Content Strategy

After completing a diagnostic, we typically recommend additional research and strategic guidance in one or more of the following areas:


Most health organization sites are not designed with the different stages of a patient’s journey in mind. We believe the backbone of a high-performing health website is a well-researched Patient Journey Map. Creating this typically involves:

  1. User research to validate assumptions about your audience and form a clear, data-driven picture of who they are.
  2. Development of a small set of audience personas that embody key findings and characteristics of the audience segments who visit your site. Typically this splits along the lines of patients, professionals, etc.
  3. Mapping the user journeyof each of these personas, with particular emphasis on the patient journey, to understand how your digital presence fits into their life and the key touchpoints they experience along the way.
  4. Updating your information architecture, including navigation and organization of content, to make more sense to visitors in the context of their journey.
  5. Creating and testing low-fidelity wireframes of recommended design changes.


During the process of mapping the patient journey, we often notice that specific topics or types of content are missing or underrepresented on a client’s site. Content strategy work typically unfolds by:

  1. Performing a content audit to catalogue the full breadth of content on your site.
  2. Mapping your content to topics and stages of the user journey.
  3. Identifying content gaps and performing any necessary SEO and keyword research to understand how you might write content to capture more organic visitors at the key stages of their journey.
  4. Cutting or archiving old content, and putting in places necessary content governance systems to ensure your information is up-to-date.


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