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Nonprofit Digital Strategy

An impactful website starts with a plan.

Your website strategy serves as a compass as you make changes, improvements, and upgrades over its lifetime.



Website Strategy

The term "strategy" may be the most used, least understood phrase in the web world today. Most organizations know they need it—few have a documented, shared understand of what their website is supposed to accomplish, who's using it, and what goals and metrics contribute to its success.

Creating an impactful website without a clearly communicated digital strategy is like trying to arrive at a destination on time without a map. And many nonprofits are careening down the digital highway with their management and board shouting directions along the way while staff desperately try to steer the bus.

How strategy helps your nonprofit

A clearly communicated digital strategy will help you:

  • Make decisions based on a plan and hard data, instead of gut feelings
  • Build a culture of strong leadership and accountability in your organization
  • Create a healthy work environment based on goals, not deadlines
  • Align your entire website toward what really moves the needle to create maximum impact

As we work together to support your website, your digital strategy serves as a compass to help both parties understand and collaborate on improvements to your Drupal site.

How we help you

We help you formulate a clear, documented website strategy by taking you through a three-part engagement:

Phase 1: strategy Sessions

In this first phase, we help you articulate how your website fits into the mission of your organization and how your users interact with it. We'll work with you to:

  1. Define your website goals and key metrics
  2. Build user personas for different visitor demographics
  3. Uncover and articulate fundamental assumptions you're making about your constituents
  4. Create journey maps to visualize how visitors interact with your organization

Depending on your needs, this phase may also include items like user research or competitor research to help you reach your goals.

Phase 2: Website Audit

In this second phase, we audit your existing Drupal website against your digital strategy to uncover areas where you're hitting or missing the mark. We also use this phase to get a sense of how your Drupal site was built and any limitations or constraints we may have to work around (or correct).

The website audit helps us form a complete picture of your organization's situation by understanding where you are now, compared to where you want to be. It also gives us the necessary context to make our list of 80/20 recommendations in the next phase.

Phase 3: 80/20 recommendations

In this final phase, we work with you to brainstorm a comprehensive list of potential improvements to your Drupal website, and narrow them down to the most impactful changes we can implement in the course of just six weeks. The purpose of this is twofold:

  1. Intentionally choosing the highest-impact items ensures you are spending your money wisely.
  2. Limiting the implementation timeline to just six weeks ensures you start reaping the benefits of your investment 2-4x more quickly than a typical redesign project, with less upfront cost.

The remainder of the list serves as a backlog of potential improvements we can pull from as we make improvements to your Drupal site going forward.

With our 80/20 list in hand, we then help you refresh your existing website in just a few weeks.



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