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Drupal Support

Our Drupal support services are designed to work monthly through a list of improvements to your Drupal site and help you measure their impact. This approach ensures your website keeps up with your programs, stays performant and bug-free, and doesn't atrophy to the point you're compelled to redo it out of frustration.

For some organizations, our Drupal support services are delivered over a fixed 6-12 month period as a third phase of a project that includes a digital strategy engagement and a refreshed website. Most commit to our support services on a monthly basis to keep investing in their website once they see the results.

While our Drupal support services are fully available to those organizations not interested in redoing their website, we typically take you through a lightweight strategy engagement at the beginning of our relationship to help define and document your website's goals and audience so we can more effectively support you in your mission.

What we help you with

When you work with Brooks Digital, the support you receive is proactive and focused on growing your site's impact, not just keeping it above water. We provide a range of services, such as:


  • A/B testing
  • Analytics setup and training
  • User testing


  • Mobile responsive design
  • New page layouts/templates
  • Email template design


  • Custom modules and new features
  • Integrations
  • Data reporting and warehousing


  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements


Our entire team is hired based on their expertise with Drupal (not Drupal and Wordpress and Joomla, etc). In addition, because our team is uniquely focused on serving nonprofits, we have deep expertise in the type of websites and associated problems you encounter as a nonprofit using Drupal.

How our Drupal support services are different

Here's something you may not know: most firms take support contracts because they know it will lead to a big redesign project down the line. Rather than extending the life of your site, they're focused on securing a project from you. And because 99% of firms are built to handle big, one-time projects, their most talented staff (you know, the experts you hired to work on your site) only want to work on new projects and will leave support to their less experienced counterparts.

Brooks Digital is different because we are built to handle ongoing Drupal support for nonprofits. We don't have support as one area of our business—it's our entire business.

Simply put, we want to help you extend the life of your Drupal site as long as possible while ensuring it has the greatest impact. All websites will have to be overhauled at some point. It's our job to ensure that time doesn't come sooner than necessary for your organization.

Learn from the mistakes of other nonprofits

As experts in Drupal support for nonprofits, we've personally witnessed how different types of design decisions have played out months or years down the line. From technical architecture, to design, performance, security, and administrative experiences, we understand which approaches work—and which don't—so your Drupal site can benefit from the lessons learned by other nonprofits.

Unlike other firms, who often build one-time projects and don't have to support them, we intimately understand how the decisions you make today will impact your site years down the line. When you work with our support team, your site's total cost of ownership (and your board) will thank you.

Love your Drupal website again

At the end of the day, our vision is that you'll once again become energized and inspired when you use your website. Instead of your Drupal website being a necessary chore in your day-to-day job, we want it to excite, encourage, and uplift you as you create change in the world.

Brooks Digital has taken our broken, semi-complete website and turned it into something we can use in an easy and practical way to increase productivity and revenue. We haven’t had a positive experience with a website company before working with Brooks Digital.
— Kristine Rupp, CWRES


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