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Okay, so who are these people, exactly?

Hi there. I'm Spencer Brooks, the founder of Brooks Digital. My job is to help your nonprofit make an explosive impact in the world through the smart use of online technology.

As a nonprofit professional, you really are a unicorn. And chances are, you got into the world of do-gooding because you care about making the world a better place, not because you love spending every waking hour figuring out how to use technology.

You know the endless list of things that pile up on your plate. Like how in the world you're supposed to use Drupal, or segment visitors by their cohort whats-it-called while you run that report that needs to be ready for the board meeting tomorrow.

Not that you aren't capable of figuring it out, but it isn't where you thrive. And when you're not in your sweet spot - that place where you're driving after a vision that gets you so excited you work all night - you're missing your full potential and so is your organization.

That's why I founded Brooks Digital: to give you the training, support, and technology that allows your nonprofit organization to reach its full potential through the power of data and the reach of the internet.

Are you - and your organization - ready to thrive?