Brooks Digital is a web firm helping nonprofits and mission-driven organizations better use open source technology to fulfill their mission.

We believe that life is about more than just making money for yourself, your business partners, or your shareholders. We believe that each organization has the responsibility to value people first, to steward the environment, and to leave a lasting legacy of positive impact on the world.

Brooks Digital was formed to help these organizations succeed by using the power of digital technology to propel them forward.

Our vision is a generation of businesses that use their collective power to bring about positive change in the world.


Spencer Brooks is a veteran Drupal consultant and business owner with nearly a decade of experience helping organizations improve the lives of people around the globe. Before launching Brooks Digital in 2015, he was a freelancer for over five yearsa decision sparked by his early nomadic life as a touring musician. 

Spencer founded Brooks Digital with a vision of a generation of businesses that use their collective power to bring about positive change in the world. He is an advocate of sustainable web design practices, the B-Corp movement, and open source software.

Spencer currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Hannah, where he is an active member of the Portland Drupal User Group and PDXTech4Good communities.


Spencer is an extremely well rounded individual both technically and communicatively. He possesses several unique skill sets that enable him to participate in all phases of any design and
technical project put in front of him.
— Tony Garcia, Webmaster, Idaho Transportation Department
The new Web site was a 100% improvement from the previous one. The Web site has a much more professional appearance and functionality. Spencer worked numerous hours with me making multiple revisions to the Web site as needed. His patience and persistence paid off with numerous complements from a variety of State agencies.
— Tammie R. Jauregui, Idaho Transportation Department


The Brooks Digital team is Spencer Brooks + a team of talented, long-term contractors. We do not farm out work to low-cost overseas development shops, but instead work with a network of talented individuals to deliver high-quality results for our clients.

Because of this model, we are a 100% distributed company, meaning we hold no central office and each individual works from where they're most comfortable. We champion this model for a few reasons:

We believe in the power of individual autonomy.
We maintain the philosophy that if you treat people as responsible, self-directed individuals, they'll behave like it. We believe that people are most effective when they have the trust and freedom necessary to reach their highest potential.

We value work/life balance.
We encourage team members to structure their work in a way that's most compatible with their lifestyle and family. We recognize that people have priorities outside of their job, and when they live a balanced lifestyle it creates a positive, happy atmosphere.

It's better for the environment.
There are many studies detailing the environmental benefits of telecommuting, and we believe that in order to support mission-driven businesses, we need to be one ourselves (this includes giving 15% of our profits to charity).

our values

  1. Seek First To Understand
    Before prescribing a solution, we strive for a deep understanding of the problems our clients are facing by looking at the situation from their point of view.
  2. "Good Enough" Is Not Good Enough
    We deliver work not only to the best of our ability, but that exceeds the current standards of our industry.
  3. Invest In Yourself
    We continuously create opportunities for personal and professional growth, seek creative solutions to tough problems, and learn from people around us.
  4. People First
    We prioritize people over projects, relationships over results. We consider people not as an accessory to a project, but at the very center of producing real, meaningful results.
  5. Above All, Integrity
    As an organization, we stay true to our vision. As a team, we unify around our mission. As individuals, we align our actions, decisions, and words with our values.

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