Sustainable Web Design

Looking for new and innovative ways to increase your sustainability? A green website is a forward-thinking way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and promote sustainable thinking in your organization.

Tackle a growing environmental issue.

The internet’s carbon footprint is 830 million tons of CO2 annually—larger than the entire aviation industry—and is estimated to double by 2020. Meanwhile, only 13% of energy is generated from renewable sources within the U.S. 

Sustainable web design emphasizes energy efficient design choices and uses renewable resources to manage the environmental impact of the internet.

Make your website work harder for you.

A sustainable website is more than just energy efficient. It has a host of other benefits that include:

- Increased visitor retention due to faster load times.
- Better search engine placement as a result of content optimizations.
- Elevated user satisfaction from good information architecture.

Become a leader in sustainable thinking.

Show your customers, donors, and stakeholders that you are a leader in sustainable thinking by joining a growing movement of responsible website owners. A green website is an innovative way to differentiate your sustainability efforts and demonstrate a complete commitment to the environment across all areas of your organization.


Want to learn more about sustainable web design?

Download The 6 Pillars of Green Web Design to learn more about how you can tackle this growing environmental issue and simultaneously improve the effectiveness of your website.