Drupal Support & Training

Need expert help to maintain your Drupal site and train your staff on Drupal best practices? Our team is perfectly positioned to augment your existing development team, take over support of your Drupal site, or provide user-friendly staff training.

The reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable Drupal partner you've been looking for.

Considering a move to Drupal, or need help to maintain your existing Drupal site? Our team is tailor-made to help you. Over 90% of our projects involve Drupal and our team is filled with experts that have years of Drupal experience under their belt. Our expertise includes:

- Maintaining high-traffic Drupal sites with over 1M annual visitors.
- Custom Drupal integrations with best-of-breed services such as Trello, Box, and MailChimp.
- Mobile-friendly Drupal design and mobile app integrations.
- CRM solutions with CiviCRM, Salesforce, and Redhen.

Fill knowledge gaps in your existing development team.

The Drupal learning curve is steep, and you need someone who has seen it all to guide you through the costly pitfalls that can derail even the most well-planned projects. We partner with you to help:

- Increase the value of your design and development teams by teaching them Drupal best practices.
- Reduce risk around an in-house Drupal migration, site build, or custom module by forming a technical roadmap for your team.
- Take on additional clients or expand into new markets by handing off the Drupal portion of a project to our team.

Help your staff speak Drupal as their first language.

You have a powerful Drupal site, but once it was handed off to your staff they found it difficult to understand. It's slowing them down and causing you frustration because you can't use your site to its full potential. Let our team teach your staff how to use Drupal so you can use your site to more effectively and efficiently reach your mission.

We love teaching Drupal and take a patient, mentoring approach to help acclimate your staff to the language of Drupal. We're equally comfortable teaching geeks and non-technical staff alike, so no matter the composition of your team we're capable of helping them learn the ins and outs of your Drupal site.

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See how we helped diaTribe build a high-performing Drupal site to reach an audience of 1.5 million readers.