Data Analysis and Engagement Metrics

You need to understand how to use the massive amounts of data you have.
Let us help you make sense of your information and uncover actionable insights hidden in your data.

Identify the right metrics for your organization.

Not sure what you should be tracking? Do you need to get beyond the "vanity metrics" and into hard-to-analyze data? We can help you collect the right data in order to meet goals such as:

- Increasing engagement for your website and programs.
- Identifying and streamlining wasteful processes.
- Increasing funder and stakeholder transparency.

Turn your data into information you can act on.

You have many tools for data collection and analysis, but it's hard to find the signal in the noise. We work with you to bring clarity to your data and give you specific, actionable insights you can use to improve what you offer. These insights can help you answer questions like:

- What kind of content is resonating most with my website visitors?
- Which contacts in my CRM or email list are most likely to donate or purchase my products or services?
- Which marketing or fundraising efforts are generating the highest ROI, and which should we cut?


Increase accountability with people outside your organization.

Your funders and customers want to see what you're doing with their money. We help you identify new metrics to collect, and streamline your reporting process so you can get the right data to people outside your organization, faster. This allows you to effectively:

- Follow up with people who have purchased or donated to show them the difference you're making.
- Provide evidence that you're making progress with your programs and sustainability efforts.
- Generate a more compelling call to action by using data to highlight the impact your organization is making.

Want to explore how we can help you with your data?

Use our project planner to tell us more about your data challenges and how we can help you.