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Website Advisory Retainers

"What holds me back is the worry that I will make the wrong decision. What if I realize 6 months later it was a poor choice?"


These are the exact words of non-techie tasked with choosing the website technology for her small organization. Have you ever said something similar?

“I have a feeling my website could be better, but I’m not sure exactly how.”
“If I make this change, how can I be sure it’s the right decision?”
“Figuring this out myself is too much work...I’ll just do it later.”

If you're like most people, let me guess what probably happens next:


You overanalyze, procrastinate, or stress about your decision. But the more you delay it, the more mental and emotional toll the decision takes as “just one more thing” on your plate to figure out. And to make matters worse, every moment you wait costs your organization time, money, and lost opportunity.

Or maybe you're one of the many nonprofit staff members forced to make a quick technology decision because your organization needs something ASAP to handle online donations, event registration, or volunteer recruitment.

But if you've ever done this in the past, you're probably feeling the pain of your choice as you import and export countless spreadsheets. You regretfully gulp down your fifth cup of coffee and work up enough motivation to enter your data in three different systems that don't integrate with each other.

Or perhaps you've been confident in a past technology decision, but it backfired. You got sucked in by a pretty piece of software that ended up being horribly expensive and lacked the features you needed. Your boss got angry, took the decision away from you, and forced you to go back to the vendor and wiggle out of your contract with them.

How do you avoid these painful problems, make the right decisions, and get your sanity back?

The same way you make most other tough decisions in life: you ask a friend who's done it before. You bounce your ideas off them and get advice based on their experience. They guide you through the difficult decisions so you feel better about moving forward.

They say an expert is someone who has made (or seen) all the mistakes one can make in a narrow field. When you lean on the advice of an expert, you can:

  • Have peace of mind you're making the right decision
  • Make technology choices quickly and confidently
  • Have someone to translate tech jargon into plain English
  • Cut the confusion and understand how to use your website and online technology to achieve your goals

Having a trusted advisor in your back pocket suddenly means the solution to your nagging website problem is no longer 4 hours of research through forums and blog posts. It's a 5-minute email to someone who can answer your question right away. You've just freed up your time to work on more important tasks on your plate.

And a few years down the line, your budget (and your board) will thank you when you don't have a 5-figure project crossing your desk to fix a huge technology mess. Instead, you can make technology an asset through conscious, strategic planning with expert guidance.