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Great, so how long have you been around?


Excellent question. As an experienced nonprofit professional, you know that consultants and vendors can disappear on you overnight, leaving you stranded. It's important to vet a company's history to get an idea of their stability and how long they've been in business.

Here are the key points you should know (we'll save you the 100-page autobiography):

  • Our longest client has been with us for over 6 years.
  • While the name "Brooks Digital" has existed since 2015, the work we've done can be dated back to 2008 when Spencer was a solo consultant.
  • We work with a limited number of long-term clients. As a result, our history of work generally reflects an exclusive number of organizations with whom we have invested years of work.
  • While we aren't opposed to undertaking certain one-time projects, 90% of our larger projects (e.g. redesigns, Drupal version upgrades, etc) are completed within the context of a long-term support relationship.

As a nonprofit, this should be good news to you. A data-driven approach favors continuous experimentation and improvement, which can only happen when you have a technology partner that actually sticks around.