The “Tell Me What You Want” Conundrum

The “Tell Me What You Want” Conundrum

 facebooktwitterlinkedinHave you ever hired someone to work on a website project and had them ask, “okay, so tell me what you want?” Isn't that a difficult question to answer? That's because when you hire someone to build you a website, you often don't know exactly...

Why You Deserve Unlimited PTO And 32-Hour Workweeks

The lines between work and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred with smartphones and tablets constantly interrupting us with work-related emails, texts, and phone calls. Here’s why Brooks Digital is on a mission to create an environment that helps protect your work-life boundaries so you can live an intentional, fulfilling life.

Balancing Your Nonprofit’s Dream Website With Your Budget

For nonprofits, there is often a central tension when it comes to building the right web presence. It’s the struggle between building a dream website—all of the features and functionality you could ever want for your organization—and the budget—actually being able to pay for all of that stuff.

12 Little-Known Email Metrics

Thank you for reading my email metrics article on NonprofitMarCommunity! While I could only share a couple of my favorites with you, here's a much larger list of 12 email metrics you can use in your organization. Feel free to reach out directly by emailing me at...

SEO for Nonprofits: The Definitive Collection

This guide isn’t aimed at making you feel bad or making your organization seem outdated or uncool for not being good at SEO. It’s about providing a foundation of knowledge—a collection of resources—that will take you from, “S-E-huh?” to navigating the world of Google SERPs (search engine results pages) with confidence.

Uncover Your Hidden Website Issues

This free guide was created exclusively for Nonprofit Marketing Guide readers. Is your nonprofit's website turning away important visitors? These 5 Google Analytics reports will help you quickly determine if you have a problem and pinpoint specific areas you may be...

A Practical Guide to Automating Your Nonprofit with Zapier and IFTTT

Automating tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks allows my to clear my plate and focus on more difficult and engaging work. Rather than going through my day checking off boxes, I get to spend my time creating, building, and problem solving. As a nonprofit, automation can save you both time and money.

…because your cause shouldn’t be obscured by a bad website.

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