Unlocking the Growth Potential of The diaTribe Foundation

The diaTribe Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes and advocating for action.

The Problem

When The diaTribe Foundation (TdF) approached us, they didn't have a dedicated web presence despite being formed over two years prior. While they had a small section on the website of their main initiative, the diaTribe.org publication, there was a growing concern that TdF's lack of a dedicated website would hinder their growth opportunities. Would a donor looking to write a 6 or 7-figure check seriously consider TdF as a recipient if other non-profits had engaging websites demonstrating their work while TdF had nothing?

In addition, TdF had previously commissioned a website design that was shut down by its board for feeling too gloomy and depressing. With this being their second attempt, TdF needed a website that evoked a delicate balance of emotions from its visitors:

  • It needed to feel urgent without appearing hopeless, so visitors would feel compelled to immediately get involved in the work of the Foundation without feeling powerless.
  • It needed to elicit dissatisfaction with the status quo while simultaneously communicating that TdF was capable of addressing the problem.

The Solution

We worked with The diaTribe Foundation to craft the perfect visual design, going through multiple revision cycles to ensure each design element was achieving the intended result.

Creating the right mood

Because it was incredibly important to create a specific emotional response for this design, we took TdF through the process of creating a mood board to make sure we understood exactly what they were trying to communicate.

Using feedback from TdF we created a collage of visual elements to represent the overall mood and tone of the design. 

By using images of people in motion, forces of nature, and a vibrant, compelling color scheme, we were able to evoke a feelings of alarm and urgency without making diabetes feel like an unsolvable problem.

standing out from the crowd

It was important to TdF that their website create a unique, memorable experience for its visitors - that they were perceived as different and special so that their organization would stick in the minds of potential donors.

By incorporating abstract geometric shapes into the design—starkly contrasted against the linear designs employed by many other websites—we were able to create a unique, memorable visual style for TdF.

The Results

After working with TdF to meet an ambitious release deadline, we were able to secure their board's approval and launch the site before their big annual conference, d16.

The site is getting rave reviews. Thanks very much indeed!
— John C, Director

This redesign serves as a key component in diaTribe's fundraising strategy, and donations are projected to increase by over 50% this year compared to previous years.

Spencer Brooks

Spencer Brooks is the Founder & Principal of Brooks Digital. He has nearly a decade of experience as a technology consultant for nonprofits and mission-driven businesses and spends his days happily helping organizations use open source technology and data analysis to maximize their impact. Spencer lives in Portland, OR with his wife Hannah and their son Weston.

Twitter: Follow @spencerbrooks on Twitter.